How to use a dog leash and dog hook

Dog hook, also known as swivel snap, snap hook which is part of the pet leash hardware.

There are many friends who are just starting to raise dogs and do not know how to use a leash. Here I will explain how to use a pet leash.


The first step is to take out the dog leash, and then we open the plastic side release buckle and dog hook on the dog leash.


The second step is to open the traction rope, laterally, put it on the ground, like a number 8.


The third step is to stand the dog’s forelimbs into that two ‘O’ in ‘8’ respectively.


The fourth step is to fasten the plastic buckle and the snap hook respectively, so that the dog leash is set.


The following video is a video illustration of the above explanation and some of our company’s dog hooks.


The video below shows the quality inspection process of a dog hook suitable for small dogs that we supply to our customers. It gets broken when the strength reaches 40kgf.

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