Solid brass hardware and plating brass hardware

          Each type of electroplating has its specific electroplating solution system. The single-metal electroplating technology is simple and relatively mature, such as gold, silver, zinc, iron, copper, nickel, and chromium plating, which are relatively easy to master.

         However, the technology of alloy plating is much more difficult. To deposit two different metals in the same electroplating solution at the same time, there are complex electrochemical reactions here.

Ordinary electroplating plants cannot electroplate solid brass hardware because brass is an alloy. Generally, the technical level of electroplating factories that can electroplate solid brass will be relatively high.

         Antique brass is actually produced by the oxidation and blackening of brass. There are two types of oxidation: electrolytic oxidation and chemical oxidation.

        Antique Brass zippers are electroplated with brass, and then processed with oxidation and blackening . The specific compatibility and composition of this treatment stock solution are all confidential or patented products.

Electroplated antique brass hardware is chemically treated on the basis of solid brass plating.

       If the plastic mold is done well, the surface of the product is very smooth. On this basis, solid brass electroplating can be very beautiful and bright. In terms of appearance, the smooth texture produced by electroplating solid brass on plastic products is better than that of brass. If you consider the texture of the product, such as the feeling of weight, the plastic effect is definitely not as good as the real solid brass hardware, and the plastic product will give people a fake feeling.

        Solid brass hardware is expensive, it is very durable and can be polished to be new looking for a thousand years. Plated brass has a thin brass coating over some other cheaper plastic or metal.

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