DIY Leather Craft Kit

There are different kind of leather craft kit for your leather work hobby.

1)A set of Stamping tools

The stamping tools are used to make great leather designs. It can create different shapes on the leather surface such as snow flakes, 2 rows of open dots circle, hash tag, acorn and so on.

2)A stitching tools

It includes needle threaders, finger cots, needles, clamps, thimbles, burnishers, scissors, and the puncher itself.

3) Mallets for punching holes on leathers.

4) hole puncher.

We can find hole punchers in the market which have a clamping range of 1.5-13mm for different sizes needs for bags, belts, and even shoes.

5) Threads You’ll need them to create beautiful stitches on leathers by hand stitching.