Can leather bracelets get wet?  Do you shower with your leather bracelet?

The main component of genuine  leather bracelets is protein, so leather bracelets should not touch water often,  they are prone to moisture, cracks. If they accidentally get wet, they can be wiped with a soft cloth.

If your leather bracelet is made of synthetic leather, the following knowledge you may need to know:

  1. Artificial leather can only be washed by hand; the water temperature cannot exceed 40 Celsius degrees , and cannot be soaked in hot water. Hot water will damage the fiber tissue of the base fabric.
  2. Do not wash with gasoline.
  3. Do not rub or collide artificial leather clothing or bags with hard and rough objects, so as not to damage the surface coating.
  4. The synthetic leather coating film is thin, so don’t put it in a high temperature environment.