How to dress up the handbag or purse? Here is a suggestion for the purse accessory you can use.

Sometimes you find your designer bags look too drab.

You can use silk ribbon or scarf to pair with your handbag — that is , ribbon as a purse accessory.

It will give the bag a brand new look. It will dress up your bag and make your handbag very cute.
You can tie the ribbon around the strap or use a key chain O-ring and attach it to the bag.

For a better looking, you need to iron the silk ribbon before it can be used as a purse accessory. You can use a hair straightener to iron the silk ribbon.

The silk ribbon can be tied around your hair, and now you can use them as handbag accessories to get your handbag dressed up.

For example, if you have a Louis Vuitton Replica bag, a light colored peachy pink silk will do the job for you.

Below is some silk ribbon that gives you an idea of how Chinese silk ribbon can be used as purse accessories.