Why do we use roller buckles?

Heel bar buckles are usually used on belts, but they are manufactured in many different sizes and can be used on shoes, handbags and other projects too.

We have just produced a heel bar roller buckle and our customer used it.
on their leather cross bag straps and the bronze finish perfectly matches the naturally darkenned leathers with use.

Most of the roller heel bar buckles are machine made, and they are popularly used with straps, shoes and purses, and they can even be used for decoration for leather works.

I will give an example and you will easily understand the use of the roller on a roller buckle.
Sometimes when you eat a lot and eventually you feel stuffed and your stomach goes forward and you need to lose your thick high quality belt. With the help of the roller, you can even only use one hand to loose your belt while the other hand is still keeping feeding you. If the interface between the roller and the bar is smooth enough, the sound of friction is really low when you are adjusting the length of the belt.

below is a picture of roller buckle with silver plating.

Why do we use roller buckles?-NIKKA | Dog Hooks, Swivel Snaps, Rings, Turn Locks, Belt Buckles, Bottom Studs, Logos, Cord Stoppers, Bag Feet, Ornaments, Handbag Frames, haberdashery, metal fittings for leather goods,leather goods metal,leather goods metal accessories

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