A Coach Turnlock Tote

There are all kinds of bizarre handbags on the market today, but many people end up preferring the classic Tote Bag. The square and secure design is the most practical, and can hold documents, books, and tablet computers. Whether you are going to work or just want to go shopping, you need a bag with a full capacity.

Today on the way to work, I was waiting for the red light to turn to green, and I saw a lady’s bag. The bag doesn’t have any turn locks or pad locks; it has almost 10 eyelets embedded at the upper edge of the bag, and there is a cord circulated through all the eyelets, and there is a Bell stopper (cord end) which can be used to fasten the cord and prevent the stuff falling off from the bag.

And today I was watching a video, there is a turn lock on the bag.


I just recognized that we have been producing this kind of turn locks for many years. See the link below:

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Turn Lock