5/8″ Shiny Gold, Cast D-Ring, Zinc Alloy

5/8″ Shiny Gold, Cast D-Ring, Zinc Alloy-NIKKA | Dog Hooks, Swivel Snaps, Rings, Turn Locks, Belt Buckles, Bottom Studs, Logos, Cord Stoppers, Bag Feet, Ornaments, Handbag Frames, haberdashery, metal fittings for leather goods,leather goods metal,leather goods metal accessories

5/8″ Shiny Gold, Cast D-Ring, Zinc Alloy

Ref.Code: BRS-SG-LF24

Strapping Size: 15 mm 5/8″

Total Width: 21 mm ( 7/8″ )

Total Length: 15 mm ( 5/8″ )

Weight: 0.0026 kg ( 0.006 lb)

Finish: Shiny gold plated

Base Material: Zinc Alloy

For use in leatherwork, belt, watch band, strap, pet product, purse, bag, shoe, boot and more!

The D-Rings strapping sizes are measured on the inside diameter of the straightest part of the D-Ring. The size does not include where the metal begins to curve to create the “D” shape. In order to fit material flush to the straightest part of the bar, the D-Rings are slightly oversized

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