What are the best swivel snaps for the dog leash for a seven month old shepherd?

I have a friend in Denver, Colorado. I visited my friend years ago and I walked with his pet named ‘Tough’ alongside the lake and the dog leash is not working fine cause the leash doesn’t have a swivel snap and it made the walking quite not easy since the dog snaps can’t swivel and the leash twisted when Tough walks left and right cause Tough took the advantage of my unfamiliarity with him, and he sniffed every stain on the road and capturing other dog’s information left there.

I heard that my friend got a seven month old shepherd and I decided to give him a dog leash as a gift.

I got a zinc alloy lever swivel snap hook with shiny gold plating which is 6′ long, 1/2–1″ wide.

He has moved to an apartment which has an elevator. The swivel snap would make him much easier to grab the dog leash ( close to the pet’s neck) when entering the elevator . You know if you didn’t keep the dog leash close to your body, there is a chance that the elevator door would separate the pet and the man.

The picture below shows how the swivel snap looks alike:

What are the best swivel snaps for the dog leash for a seven month old shepherd?-NIKKA | Dog Hooks, Swivel Snaps, Rings, Turn Locks, Belt Buckles, Bottom Studs, Logos, Cord Stoppers, Bag Feet, Ornaments, Handbag Frames, haberdashery, metal fittings for leather goods,leather goods metal,leather goods metal accessories

Lever Swivel Snap Hook