About Metal Injection Molding for bag hardware

If you are interested in leathercraft or leatherwork, and you need products such as Dog Hooks, Rings, Locks, Buckles, Studs, Logos, Cord Stoppers, Bag Feet, Ornaments, Frames, or Holders, you maybe interested to know what is Metal injection molding

Metal injection molding (MIM) for bag hardware is an effective way to produce complex and precision-shaped parts from a variety of materials which works similar to the other injection molding processes – powdered metal is combined with a binding material and then injected into a mold where it’s left to form and curate. This process produces parts for 50% less than the cost of CNC machining or casting. MIM is able to produce parts with superior strength, complex shapes and excellent finish of surface with high volume production. The process is ideal for the short and long-run production of metal parts, especially those that are smaller in size (good for products less than 50g such as jewelry, watch belt, and bag hardware accessories).

Following is the MIM process:
• Mixing and Granulating: The first step is to determine the material and feedstock that is going to be used to produce the hardware accessories. It’s mixed with a thermoplastic binder which is heated so that the metal grains bond with the binder and then fed into the injection molding machine.

• Molding: The second step is the molding process. The material is again heated and injected into the machine for the molding process to create the parts.

• Binder Removal: The third step is to remove the binder. Because the final part is about 20 percent larger than the intended end part, the binder needs to be removed in order to get the expected size.

• Sintering: During the final step, the remaining binder is removed from the part and the metal is fused to create the part which is the end result being a net shape or close to net shape. Further post-sintering operations may also be necessary to create the final part, which can add some further steps and complexities to the process (Parts can be shaped, machined, heat treated and electroplated after sintering)

Above is a simple introduction for Metal Injection Molding of bag hardware.