The handbag hardware makes a bag looks solid

If you are interested in leathercrafting or leatherworking, and you need products such as Dog Hooks, Rings, Locks, Buckles, Studs, Logos, Cord Stoppers, Bag Feet, Ornaments, Frames, or Holders, you maybe interested in the way in which the handbag crafter makes the bag solid.

There are three materials hidden in the leather to make the bag look strong and beautiful.

The first is a handle made of wood.
Grind the wood into a round or semi-circle shape, then wrap it in leather and install it on both sides of the handbag mouth as a handle.

The second is a resilient material, usually made from manganese flakes.
This material is installed on the bottom or side of the handbag or at the mouth of the bag, hidden inside the lining.
It can shape the bag, or it is easy to bend or fold the bag for storage

The third is the wire embedded around the bag.
The iron wire is bent into a suitable arc, which is used to arrange the arc of the corner of the bag, making the bag more three-dimensional and beautiful.