The surface treatment of fashion metallic accessories



If you are interested in leathercraft or leatherwork, and you need products such as Dog Hooks, Rings, Locks, Buckles, Studs, Logos, Cord Stoppers, Bag Feet, Ornaments, Frames, or Holders, you maybe interested in the Surface treatment of fashion metallic accessories.

It is a process of artificially forming a surface layer with different mechanical, physical and chemical properties on the surface of the base material. The purpose of surface treatment is to meet the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration or other special functional requirements of the product. For metal castings, the most commonly used surface treatments are cleaning, deburring, degreasing, and descaling the surface of the workpiece, including chemical treatment, surface spraying, mechanical grinding, and surface heat treatment.

Surface treatment processes are listed below:

1. Passivation (filming)
A protective film is formed on the metal surface, mainly used in internal components.Due to the lively nature of magnesium alloy parts, film treatment must be done;

If the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy is better, passivation can be done, or only bright treatment can be done;

2. Spray paint
Spraying liquid paint can achieve a variety of textures and colors;

3. Dusting
Spray powder coating, can achieve a variety of colors;

4. Electroplating
Zinc alloy products can be electroplated in a variety of colors,

5. Anodizing
Aluminum alloy die-casting products can achieve a variety of colors

And the metal texture will not be masked,

6. Sandblasting
Rough and textured surfaces can be better achieved.