Process and precautions for electrolytic polishing of stainless steel

Nikka has a product line of Polished Stainless Steel such as Magnetic Bracelet Clasp.

If you are interested in leathercraft or leatherwork, and you need products such as Dog Hooks, Rings, Locks, Buckles, Studs, Logos, Cord Stoppers, Bag Feet, Ornaments, Frames, or Holders, you maybe interested with how our factory does the electrolytic polishing.

1. Heat the electrolyte to 75℃ with alkali&acid resistant quartz rod or titanium heating rod.

2. Fix the workpiece to be electropolished on the matching designed hanger, hang the hanger on the anode rod in the middle of the tank, and keep the workpiece surface facing the cathode plate.

3. Turn on the power switch and adjust the electrolytic polishing time, adjust the voltage switch to about 9-10 volts, and polish for 0.5-3 minutes (the polishing time can be appropriately extended according to the actual surface effect requirements). In order to make the solution reach the best state, a larger voltage and current are recommended when the electrolytic polishing solution is used for the first time. If electrolyte appears slightly green,it means a certain amount of nickel and chromium ions have been dissolved into the electrolyte, and the polishing effect should be good.

Precautions for electrolytic polishing of stainless steel:

1. There should be no water marks before the workpiece goes into the groove, otherwise it will cause pitting on surface of the workpiece.

2. The polishing liquid should not touch the skin.

3. Operators need to wear labor protection equipment when operating preventing the contact between the liquid and the skin.

4. The waste liquid needs to be neutralized by adding alkali to neutrality (PH value is 7), and then it can be discharged.

5. Avoid direct sunlight, close the lid when not in use, and store it below 75℃.