The production process of cufflink blank

If you are interested in leathercraft or leatherwork, and you need products such as Dog Hooks, Rings, Locks, Buckles, Studs, Logos, Cord Stoppers, Bag Feet, Ornaments, Frames, or Holders, you maybe interested in the production process of cufflink blank.
The production process of cufflink blanks is mainly determined according to the style of the cufflinks.
Firstly, if the cufflink is flat with a simple surface without textures and embossing, the stamping is used.
Secondly, if the shape of cufflink is three-dimensional, such as car models and airplane models, it will be sanded and dewaxed.
Thirdly, if the shape is a simple cuboid, cube or cylinder without embossed texture, the cufflink is processed by lathe.